4 Cycle Model

The HoverTrowel 4 cycle power trowel to compliment its lightweight pneumatic power trowel models for finishing polymer flooring overlays in non-sensitive indoor and outdoor areas.  A quiet, low emissions 35cc Honda engine with enough torque to finish the most difficult systems on the market today powers the 45 lb trowel.  The HT-S4C adds even more versatility to their line of lightweight power trowels, without sacrificing any of the time tested features and benefits of its predecessors including fingertip pitch and speed controls, a telescoping handle, different troweling path sizes, additional weights and many blade or float options.  Its design makes this engine interchangeable with existing pneumatic motors.  Our gas-powered HoverTrowel lets you take advantage of all the trowel’s versatile features without having to rely on an air hookup. Using a Honda GX35 mini 4-stroke engine, the HoverTrowel is able to retain its lightweight characteristics, yet still have the power to trowel many popular systems, even urethane mortars like BASF’s Ucrete UD200.


                • Only 44 lbs. total weight
                • Quiet operation
                • Low Emmisions – Reduces hydrocarbon emmisions to 1/7 those of typical 2-stroke engines
                • Easily Started – Carburetor sends fuel directly to combustion chamber

Price Catalog on the Home Page  

There is a pricing catalog on the home page of the web site, just click on the HoverTrowel logo at the top of any page and it will take you to the home page.  There are numerous sizes, blade type, accessories and support items, so send us an email with the types of toppings or screeds you install and we can make recommendations.