Precision Engineered Light Weight Power Trowel
Honda power trowel
Power Trowel

The patented HoverTrowel is a lightweight power trowel originally designed to finish trowel epoxy quartz mortars, it is now being used to finish many of today’s epoxy floor toppings, cementitious urethanes, terrazzo, EPDM rubber, polymer modified concrete systems and other creative specialty finishes and textures as the industry’s artisans continue to develop new overlays.

Weighing in as low as 40 lbs. the HoverTrowel’s trade driven features including finger-tip pitch control, extension handle, different blade and float options, additional weights, and even the ability to convert the same trowel from air-powered to 4-cycle, making it the most versatile power trowel on the market. Its weight and size allows the trowel to be used for many hand-trowel operations where conventional trowels are too heavy. It is also the only pneumatic  power trowel with a pitch control on the market still today.

The 25″ and 34″ guards are interchangeable to create two different trowel paths. The smaller guard will make it easier to trowel in tight or confined areas between vertical obstructions (like pump pedestals and tank pads), small doorways, pool decks and other places that normally have to be hand troweled. The 34” is used for wide open areas. The two sizes of guards and blades can be changed in a matter of minutes.

Both pneumatic power trowel models as well as the lightweight 4 cycle Honda power trowel are CE Certified for Compliance in Europe. Contact us today to learn more!

Overall Specifications

US Patent Number5,205,669
Dead Weight35-45 lbs
Trowel Path (guard Diameteres25″ x 34″
Overall Blade Diameters (Trowel Path)24″ x 33″
Blade Sizes5″ x 9.5″
5″ x 14″
Blade Pitch Control (In Degrees)0 – 12
Weight Kit25 lbs

Pneumatic Model Specifications

Low Torque Pneumatic model

Low Torque Pneumatic model

4 Cycle Gas Model

4 Cycle Gas Model

High Torque Pneumatic Model

High Torque Pneumatic Model

I-R MOO4 Series

Maximum Power.41
Air Consumption @ Max Power18.5 cfm
Model 050 Speed @ Max Power175 rpm
Model 050 Stall Torque22 lb – ft
Model 167 Speed @ Max Power53 rpm
Model 167 Stall Torque78 lb – ft

I-R MOO7 Series

Maximum Powerhp .76
Air Consumption @ Max Power36 cfm
Model 188 Speed @ Max Power52 rpm
Model 188 Stall Torque128 lb – ft

4 Cycle Model Specifications

4 Cycle HondaGX-35-T3
Engine Size35 cc
4 Cyclew/ gear reduction
Finger Tip Throttle Control0 to 120 rpm
Weight7 lbs