Porta Mix Hippo

Level Floor Model w/Liner
Mix, Transport & Pour

Level Floor Model
Pouring Position w/Liner

Shown without Dust Lid

Replacement Liner

Rough Terrain Model
Mixing & Pouring Positions

Shown without Dust Lid

Mixing multiple batches is faster and easier with the new MEGA HIPPO liner canister system.

Mixing and placing of products is easier and caster. Cement screeds, grout, mortar, texturedcoatings, sealants, adhesives and other self leveling compounds can be mixed quickly. The MEGA HIPPO boosts productivity, lowers labor costs and reduces physical effort.  The “Easy-roll Trolley” and the balanced “Easy-tilt Cradle” let you pour and spread material at the same time. Multi-stage pours to achieve a thicker screed are often not necessary. Wheel covers ensure that the casters remain free of screed splatter.

Mix, transport and pour directly onto the floor – up to 6 bags – with one operator


• Mix compounds, including cement screeds, overlay, underlay, textured coatings, sealants, adhesives, epoxies, resins, pre-tinted material and other self-leveling compounds

• Ideal for mixing in bulk and dispensing into
small containers

• Consecutive batch mixing without downtime


• High-torque, 15 Amp 2-geared motor

• Full-brim capacity of 23 gallons, 350 lbs. or 6-bag batches

• “Easy-roll Trolley” and balanced “Easy-tilt Cradle” allow for pouring and spreading of material at same time

• Specially shaped mixing bowl eliminates pockets of unmixed product and allows for easy cleaning

• 9″ diameter paddles with helix ribbon and side bars lift and shear product quickly to produce excellent consistency and thorough mixing
of colors and additives

• Resilient, pliable liner is easily cleaned; alternating liners prevents cross contamination

• Dust extraction port for vacuum connection

Key Features of the PORTAMIX MEGA HIPPO®

• Easy operation – one person can mix, transport and pour

• Accurately place material directly onto the floor

• Produces excellent mix consistency

• Ideal for mixing in bulk and dispensing into small containers

• Pre-tinted material is easily blended

The MEGA HIPPO® is supplied with two 9″ dia. mixing paddles:

The 9″ wide helix and side bars lift and shear the product quickly and efficiently to produce an excellent
mix consistency and thorough mixing of colors and additives. The paddle’s large 9″ diameter provides
increased peripheral speed which eliminates the need for high-RPM mixing and helps to prevent flash curing.

The HIPPO portable mixing station is available with a pneumatic motor.

Two air-powered models are inherently safer for mixing paint, glue, epoxy, mortar, concrete, refractory cement and other materials in shipyards and the oil and gas industries.   They can be used around water with no fear of shock or blown circuitry.

ALL MODELS COME WITH BOTH HELICAL PADDLES. Off loads directly on floor or into pails.

Capacity15.5 gallons (mix volume)
23 gallons (brim full volume)
350 lbs. 5-6 bags
Motor1800W 2-speed (140 rpm and 470 rpm)
Weight109 lbs
Suitable PaddleTW225D or TW225 (9″ diameter)

Hippo Mixing Units (Both TW225 & TW2225D Paddles Included)

HT-PMH-80F-DCHippo Porta-Mix w/EHR 32/2.4 Motor, Dust Lid, Floor Casters, Liner & TW225 & TW225D Paddles$3,121.00
HT-PMH-80X-DCHippo Porta-Mix w/EHR 32/2.4 Motor, Dust Lid Rough Terrain, Liner & TW225 & TW225D Paddles$3,232.00
HT-PMH-80F-Air-DCHippo Porta-Mix w/Pneumatic Motor, Dust Lid, Floor Casters, Liner & TW225 & TW225D Paddles$5,130.00
HT-PMH-80X-Air-DCHippo Porta-Mix w/Pneumatic Motor, Dust Lid, Rough Terrain, Liner & TW225 & TW225D Paddles$5,240.00

Replacement Motors



CSU-32/2.4PElectric Motor 16 Amp/1800 Watt/110 volt$878.00
CSU-HHP-1118-MPneumatic Motor 2.2 HP, 67 cfm @ 90 psi$3,133.00

Replacement Helical Paddles



CSU-TW225Single Half Bath Mixing Helix, 27” long, 9” in Diameter$320.00
CSU-TW225-DDouble Full Batch Mixing Helix, 27” long, 9” in Diameter$330.00

Mixing multiple batches is easier and faster with the new, removable liner and rimless bucket system. The removable liner and rimless bucket system allows dried compounds to be easily broken and cleaned out.

After mixing the first batch, the liner can be removed and cleaned. To speed up production, a second liner can be used while the first liner is being cleaned. The use of a liner also helps to prevent cross contamination and minimizes wear to the HIPPO bucket, extending its life.

CSU-PH-704Replacement Rimless Canister/Drum$522.00
CSU-PH-705Replacement Liner for Rimless Canister/Drum$179.40

Conversion Pneumatic Wheel & Leg Kit

CSU-PH203“F” Series Caster Wheel Set w/ Hardware$198.00
CSU-PH207“X” Series Pneumatic Wheel/Axle/Feet Set$588.00