Spiked Shoes






SS-46161Slip-On Spikeless Flats Up to Size 11$50.82ADD TO CART
SS-46162Slip-On Spikeless Flats Size 11 to 16$50.82ADD TO CART
SS-46171Slip-On Spiked Shoe Up to Size 11$91.48ADD TO CART
SS-46172Slip-On Spiked Shoe Size 11 to 16$91.48ADD TO CART
SS-46103Steel Hinged 3/4″ Spiked Shoes$52.18ADD TO CART
SS-46104Steel Hinged 1″ Spiked Shoes$55.31ADD TO CART
SS-46106Black PolyPro 3/4″ Spiked Shoes$31.50ADD TO CART
SS-46107Black PolyPro 1″ Spiked Shoes$33.80ADD TO CART
SS-46110Black PolyPro 1 1/2″ Spiked Shoes$41.90ADD TO CART
SS-46108Acid Resistant 3/4″ Spiked Shoes$55.58ADD TO CART

Knee Pads

Turtle Cheel Knee Pads
12-129-B10Hard Shell Knee Pads$13.95ADD TO CART
84-951-B10Turtle Cheel Knee Pads$9.95ADD TO CART
84-440-B10Pro “Swivel Cap” Knee Pads$37.95ADD TO CART

Guns and Replacement Nozzles

45 cu.in. Production Gun - 1/2" Nozzle
14-175-B645 cu.in. Production Gun – 1/2″ Nozzle$67.90ADD TO CART
14-176-B6Bulk Grouting Gun – 1/2″ Nozzle$246.80ADD TO CART
14-184-B61/4″ Replacement Nozzle$13.15ADD TO CART
14-185-B6 1/2″ Replacement Nozzle$13.15ADD TO CART
14-186-B6 3/8″ Replacement Nozzle$13.15ADD TO CART
14-652-B61″ Replacement Nozzle (only for 14-176)$17.40ADD TO CART


6 Gallon Stainless Steel Sprayer w/Chart
84-768-B73 1/2 Gallon Industrial Concrete Sprayer$167.05ADD TO CART
84-968-B748 oz. Hand Sprayer$11.20ADD TO CART
14-420-B72 Gallon Hand Air Sprayer$87.55ADD TO CART
14-421-B73 Gallon Hand Air Sprayer$101.00ADD TO CART
84-863-B76 Gallon Stainless Steel Sprayer w/Chart$469.45ADD TO CART

Bags and Brushes

Heavy Duty Canvas Bag w/Rubber Bottom (20"x5.5"x14"D)
11-218-B8Tampico Masonry Brush (6 1/2″ x 2″)$ 10.05ADD TO CART
41-153-B10Heavy Duty Canvas Bag w/Nylon Straps (20″x5.5″x14″D)$ 51.20ADD TO CART
41-154-B10Heavy Duty Canvas Bag w/Nylon Straps (24″x5.5″x14″D)$ 53.55ADD TO CART
41-155-B10Heavy Duty Canvas Bag w/Rubber Bottom (20″x5.5″x14″D)$ 75.55ADD TO CART
All Surface Measuring Wheel

Measuring Wheels

14-597-B5Dual Wheel Measuring Wheel$46.65ADD TO CART
14-596-B5All Surface Measuring Wheel$125.60ADD TO CART
6" x 3" Rub Brick (Fluted) with Handle - 20 grit

Rub Brick

12-177-B96″ x 3″ Rub Brick (Fluted) with Handle – 20 grit$15.50ADD TO CART
12-280-B96″ x 3″ Rub Brick (Fluted) with Handle – 60 grit$15.50ADD TO CART
82-379-B96″ Dia. Rub Brick Round Not Fluted – 20 grit$24.00ADD TO CART
3" x 2 1/2" Leaning Tool

Leaning Tool

12-513-B93″ x 2 1/2″ Leaning Tool$11.25ADD TO CART