5, 10, 15 Gallon Batch Mixers

These extremely versatile direct-drive mixers have dozens of applications. They provide thor- ough and accurate batch mixing of liquids, powders, pastes, slurries, and granular materials. The rotating drum container is removable and easy to clean.

The stationary mixing paddle provides both radial and axial action, and it scrapes the side and bottom of the drum for complete mixing. The wheels and handle enable easy movement.

Paddles Must be Purchased Separately.

All Mixers are Available with 220 volt, 50 hz Motors.

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Erie Paddle

Tremco Paddle

KOL Batch Mixers

HT-K2-60-M5 Gallon1 hpMobile60 rpm$2,181
HT-K3-60-M10 Gallon1/2 hpMobile60 rpm$2,070
HT-K4-60-M10 Gallon1 hpMobile60 rpm$2,350
HT-K5-60-M15 Gallon1 hpMobile60 rpm$2,439

KOL Paddles

HT-SB-75Single Blade Paddle5 Gallon$152
HT-SB-710Single Blade Paddle10 Gallon$165
HT-EP-105Erie Paddle5 Gallon$155
HT-EP-110Erie Paddle10 Gallon$167
HT-EP-115Erie Paddle15 Gallon$175
HT-TP-105Tremco Paddle5 Gallon$173
HT-TP-1010Tremco Paddle10 Gallon$177

KOL Replacement Drums

HT-KQ-55 Gallon Drum12″ Diameter x 13″ High$56
HT-KQ-1010 Gallon Drum14″ Diameter x 17″ High$360
HT-KQ-1515 Gallon Drum16″ Diameter x 22.5″ High$391

Drop Load Batch Mixers

Mixing Position

Mobile – Locking Casters

Off Loading Position

KOL Drop Load Batch Mixers

HT-K10-60-M10 Gallon1 hp110 volt, 60 Hz Mobile60 rpm$2,922
HT-K10-60-M10 Gallon1 hp220 volt 50 Hz Mobile60 rpm$3,578
HT-K15-6015 Gallon1 hp110 Volt 60 Hz Mobile60 rpm$3.176
HT-K15-60-M15 Gallon1 hp220 volt, 50 Hz Mobile60 rpm$3,637

KOL Paddles

HT-SB-710Single Blade Paddle10 Gallon$92.00
HT-EP-110Erie Paddle10 Gallon$129.00
HT-TP-1010Tremco Paddle10 Gallon$142.00
HT-SB-715Single Blade Paddle15 Gallon$98.00
HT-EP-115Erie Paddle15 Gallon$136.00

All Mixers are Available with 220 volt, 60 & 50 hz Motors.

Call or Email to request Pricing