Telescoping Handle (Both Air & Gas Models)

The handle adjusts from 42″ to 64″ at 6″ increments is convenient for operator preference & height. It collapses to work in confined spaces, while it also can be lengthened to reach out onto the fresh mortar with- out stepping in the mortar.

Weight Set

The weight kit can increase the overall weight of the trowel 25 lbs. at 21/2 lb. increments. Because of the various toppings and operations being performed by the HoverTrowel, different weights are needed for compaction to reduce grouting and topcoats. Ambient, slab, liquid & aggregate temperatures as well as sands to liquids ratios and viscosities can change the trowelability requiring different trowel weight.

Blades & Floats

Pitched Blade Angle

“C” Clip Blade Attachement

The blade or float selection varies depending on the topping and finish desired. The standard blue tool steel blades are used for most applications and are the longest wearing. The stainless steel blades are used for water based systems, where blushing of the steel could cause a problem. These steel blades have a bend or slight radius on the leading edge for mounting the topping and to reduce material build-up when run- ning flat. Composite or plastic blades are used for lighter decorative toppings and will eliminate any possible “burnishing”. Other float materials like magnesium and mahogany are used for specialized finishing. Because of its design many different mate- rials can be special ordered. Plastic pans have also been used. All attach with quick release snap rings and are available in two sizes to accommodate the guard sizes.

Product NumberDescriptionPrice / Set of Three
HT-TSB14″ Tool Steel Blade Set$192.00
HT-SSB14″ Stainless Steel Blad Set (.031″ Thick)$211.00
HT-HDPE14″ High Density PE Blade Set (White)$209.00
HT-MGF14″ Magnesium Floats$234.00
HT-MF14″ Mahogany Floats$122.00
HT-TSB-959.5″ Tool Steel Blade Set$182.00
HT-SSB-959.5″ Stainless Steel Blade Set (.031″)$199.00
HT-HDPE-959.5″ High Density PE Blade Set (White)$197.00
HT-MGF-959.5″ Magnesium Floats$212.00
HT-MF-959.5″ Mahogany Floats$115.00
HT-HDPE-2525″ Diameter Pan$365.00

5/8 11 Thread Block Attachments, Diamond Pads and Holders

These attachments replace the blade blocks, having standard 5/8” 11 thread studs to accept compatible holders or cup wheels. The heavy duty diamond pads can be used to dress or sand the cured surface for prepare prior to topcoats. Ideal for exposing a decorative aggregate in a pigmented matrix.

Threaded Blocks & Diamond Pads

Diamond Pads

Part NumberDescriptionPrice / Set of 3
HT-5811-B5/8″ 11 Thread Blocks (Set of 3)$213.00
HT-M300-33″ Heavy Duty Diamond Pad$162.00
HT-M300-55″ Heavy Duty Diamond Pad$322.00
HT-M300-77″ Heavy Duty Diamond Pad$549.00

Hooked Backed Pad Holders

Hook & Loop Disc Holder

25″ Guard w/ 10″ Metal Bonded Diamond Hook Backed Pads

Part NumberDescriptionPrice / Set of Three
HT-HLPH-33″ 5/8″ 11 Threaded Pad Holder$95.00
HT-HLPH-55″ 5/8″ 11 Threaded Pad Holder$109.00
HT-HLPH-77″ 5/8″ 11 Threaded Pad Holder$161.00

Spiked Shoes






Product NumberDescriptionPrice
SS-46161Slip-On Spikeless Flats Up to Size 11$50.82ADD TO CART
SS-46162Slip-On Spikeless Flats Size 11 to 16$50.82ADD TO CART
SS-46171Slip-On Spiked Shoes Up to Size 9$91.48ADD TO CART
SS-46172Slip-On Spiked Shoes Size 10 to 11$91.48ADD TO CART
SS-46103Steel Hinged 3/4″ Spiked Shoes$52.18ADD TO CART
SS-46104Steel Hinged 1″ Spiked Shoes$55.31ADD TO CART
SS-46106Black Poly Pro 3/4″ Spiked Shoes$28.08ADD TO CART
SS-46107Black Poly Pro 1″ Spiked Shoes$29.90ADD TO CART
SS-46110Black Poly Pro 1 1/2″ Spiked Shoes$38.15ADD TO CART
SS-46108Acid Resistant 3/4″ Spiked Shoes$55.58ADD TO CART

Knee Pads



Product NumberDescriptionPrice
BT-12-129Hard Shell Knee Pads w/ Velcro Straps$15.50
BT-84-440Pro “Swivel Cap” Knee Pads w/ Velcro Straps$31.20

Roller Screed

The Roller Screed offers uniform placement of the mortar and is essential for a consistent and successful mortar flooring installation. The rear outrigger wheel adds greater stability than conventional screed boxes. Eliminating uneven placement.

The Roller Screed comes in 24″ & 32″ widths. The 24″ wide holds 2,325 cubic inches of mortar, while the 32″ wide holds 3,810 cubic inches of mortar. The deflector plate dispenses mortar up to 1″ thick, extends past the hopper to reduce lap marks, and easily adjusts with wing nuts. Both sizes are made of heavy gauge steel that will tolerate flame burning to remove cured epoxy. The handle and wheels are pinned for easy re- moval to clean or transport, and a utility tray conveniently holds support tools or weights if the mortar being spread is very heavy bodied.

Roller Screed Box for Consistent Mortar Placement up to 1
HT-RS-2424″ Wide Hopper w/ 2,325 Cubic Inch Capacity$795.00ADD TO CART
HT-RS-3232″ Wide Hopper w/ 3,810 Cubic Inch Capacity$835.00ADD TO CART