Hand Held Mixers

Hand Held Mixers & Mixing Stations

CSU-EHR-18-SHand Held Mixer, 0-5450 RPM, 9.5 Amp (w/WG 120 Paddle)$330.00
CSU-EHR-20-RHand Held Mixer, 0-580 RPM, 10.5 Amp (Paddle Not Included)$395.00
CSU-EHR-20,1-RSHER 20 R Hand Held Mixer and MG 140 Paddle$420.00
CSU-EZR-22 RHand Held Mixer Twin Mixer 0-450 RPM, 10.5 Amp (w/Paddles)$975.00
CSU-EHR-23/1.4 SHand Held Mixer, 100-275 RPM, 14.5 Amp (Paddle Not Included)$460.00
CSU-EHR-23/1.3 RSEHR 23/1.3 R and MG 160 Paddle$498.00
CSU-EHR-23/2.4 SHand Held Mixer, 0-250/0-580 Speed, 14.5 Amp w/MG 160 Paddle$650.00
CSU-HHP-1111Pneumatic, 0-400 RPM, 1.5 HP, 49 cfm @ 90 psi (No Paddle)$1,675.00
CSU-HHP-1112Pneumatic, 0-230 & 200-420 RPM, 1.5 HP, 49 cfm @ 90 psi (No Paddle)$1,840.00
CSU-HHP-1113Pneumatic, 0-200 & 250-450 RPM, 2.3 HP, 67 cfm @ 90 psi (No Paddle)$2,173.00
CSU-RST-91Mixing Stand, w/Swivel Clamp, ht: 65”, Base: 20” x 28”, Stroke: 40″, wt. 649 lbs.$695.00
CSU-25GP-WDMixing Stand, 5 Gal. Pails, ht: 35”, length: 26”, width: 14″, wt. 64 lbs.$575.00

Hand Held Mixing Paddles, Extensions & Chuck

CSU-RG-120Helical Mixing Paddle for Low Viscosity EHR-18-S (4.5″ Dia.)$31.00
CSU-WG-120Helical Mixing Paddle for Medium Viscosity EHR 18-S (4.5″ Dia.)$28.00
CSU-WG-135Helical Mixing Paddle for Medium Viscosity EHR 20-S & 1111 & 1112 (5.4” Dia.)$34.00
CSU-WG-160Helical Mixing Paddle for Medium Viscosity EHR 23-R & 1113 (6.25” Dia.)$45.00
CSU-MG-120Mortar Mixing Paddle for Mortar for EHR 20R & 1111 & 1112 (4.5″ Dia,)$31.00
CSU-MG-140Mortar Mixing Paddle for Mortar for EHR 20-R & 1111 & 1112 (5.6” Dia.)$37.00
CSU-MG-160Mortar Mixing Paddle for Mortar for EHR 23-R & 1113 (6.25” Dia.)$47.00
CSU-MG-235Mortar Mixing Paddle, 9 1/4” Dia. for EHR 23-R (9.25” Dia.)$82.00
CSU-MGV-120Stainless Steel Mixing Paddle for EHR 18-S (4.5” Dia.)$120.00
CSU-MGV-140Stainless Steel Mixing Paddle for EHR 20-R (5.4” Dia.)$148.00
CSU-MGV-160Stainless Steel Mixing Paddle for EHR 23-R (6.25” Dia.)$175.00
CSU-3161Twin Mixer Paddle Set for EZR 22-S (4.75” Dia. Each w/8.25” Total)$155.00
CSU-MH-240“H” Style Fold & Stir, 9 1/4” for EHR 20-R & EHR 23-R Mixers$93.00
CSU-32210000Spindle Extension, 9”, M14, for All EHR Mixers & Paddles$21.00
CSU-32220000Spindle Extension, 15”, M14, for All EHR Mixers & Paddles$37.00
CSU-321429995/8” Three Jaw Chuck & Adapter, M14 for All EHR Mixers$45.00
CSU-32339000Adapter Holder for 21-S (Required to Use w/RST-91)$78.00

MH – Fold & Stir
Mixing and shearing engineered concrete overlays and comparable products. Virtually eliminates the injection of air into the system.

RG – Low Viscosity
Ideal for paints, lacquers, chemicals and other types of thinner coatings.

WG – Medium Viscosity
Ideal for tenacious materials such as plaster, mortar, lime, gypsum, floor compounds, granulates and quartz-filled epoxies.

MG – High Viscosity
Extra-robust stirring of finished mortar &plaster, floor compounds, refractory cements, insulating materials and quartz-filled epoxies.

Mixer EHR 20 S

The standard mixer with high reliability for con-struction. Ideal for medium to high viscosity powder and liquid materials such as finish plaster, latex, mortar, epoxy, leveling compounds and other materials in batches up to 120 pounds.

Capacity: 3 bags, 25 gal.
Output: Up to 900 lbs/hour
Power: 10.5 Amp/110 Volt AC
Free Speed: 900 RPM
Load Speed: 0-580 RPM
Weight: 11.5 lbs.
Suitable Paddles:
WG 135 (5.4” dia.)
MG 140 (5.6” dia.)

Mixer EHR 23/1.2R
The powerful, professional unit for tough, continuous use. A powerful motor al-lows mixing of up to 200 pounds of high viscosity materials ranging from epoxy, mortars, plasters and cement to quartz-containing resins and flooring com-pounds, as well as insulation and other materials.

Capacity: 5 bags, 35 gal.
Output: Up to 1800 lbs/hour
Power: 14.5 Amp/110 Volt AC
Free Speed: 325 RPM
Load Speed: 100-275 RPM
Weight: 15 lbs.
Suitable Paddles:
WG 160 (6.25” dia.)
MG 160 (6.25” dia.)

Mixer EZR 21 S
Quick, thorough mixing with twin paddles. This dual-paddle mixer stirs heavy materials faster and more efficiently, A thorough, well-blended mixture results when mixing two or more component materials, as well as heavy products such as flooring compound, epoxies, mortars, fiber-filled cements, ceramics, granulates, pastes and putties. The blades rotate in opposite directions, eliminating counter torque and making the unit easy to handle – even while mixing the most demanding of materials.

Each paddle is 4 ¾” dia. with 8 ¼” working width.
Mix up to 200 pounds.

Capacity: 5 bags, 25 gal.
Output: Up to 1200 lbs/hour
Power: 10.5 Amp/110 Volt AC
Free Speed: 680 RPM
Load Speed: 0-450 RPM
Weight: 15 lbs.
Paddle Pair: No. 31610000

Model 25GP-WD
Designed for easy setup, with no clamping required. Has rear wheels for extra portability. Ideal for use with 5-gallon pails and EHR 20 R, EHR 23/1.3R or EZR 21 S mixers, as well as all the pneumatic mixers listed on page 13.