Quik Batch Mixers

This Batch Mixers just may be the most extremely versatile direct drive batch mixer on the market today. Designed with the contractor in mind. It can be set to accept 5 gallon (both metal & plastic pails, nested or straight sided), 10 gallon and 15 gallon drums. These drums have convenient handles for ease in transport. The height of this batch mixers can be changed quickly and easily to change the mixing height and the resulting dispensing height. It can easily be tipped to dispense the mortar into a pail, wheelbarrow or even directly on the floor. Its tilt mechanism, tilt arm center of gravity makes it easy for an operator to tilt and dispensed the mixed mortar to tip the drum It can be fitted with four casters or rear casters with steel front wheel that can be removed and burnt for cleaning.

Being a direct drive, there are no drive belts or chains It also has a convenient side mounted timer that al- lows mixing time to be set up to 15 minutes. It has a snap fitted protective to cover. Its on-off switch is mounted directly on the motor for EZ access. Designed by a manufacturer with more than 35 years of mixing experience for all industries, but the main concentration has been in the polymer blends. Its robust construction is built for long service life at top efficiency. Contact us today to learn more!

All Batch Mixers are Available with 220 volt, 50 hz Motors. Call or Email to Request Pricing

10 gallon drum shown in two different height settings and wheel set-ups

Batch Mixers
5 Gallon Batch Mixers
10 Gallon Batch Mixers
15 Gallon Batch Mixers
Quik Batch Mixers: (All Mixers 1 hp, 110v)
HT-QB-DLMDrop Load Mixer, 4 Casters/2 Steel Wheels
Can Accept 5, 10, 12 & 15 Gallon Drums
Paddles & Drums Sold Separately
15 Minute Timer

15 Minute Timer

Pouring Chute

Pouring Chute

Tilt Handle Bar

Tilt Handle Bar

Tilt Handle Bar 2

Tilt Handle Bar


HT-QB-SB-5Single Blade5 Gallon$78.00
HT-QB-MBMultiple Fin Paddle
10, 12 & 15 Gallon$170.00

Pails & Drums

HT-QB-5-P5 GallonPlastic$12.00
HT-QB-5-S5 GallonSteel$22.00
HT-QB-10-SSD10 GallonStainless Steel$260.00
HT-QB-12-SSD12 GallonStainless Steel$230.00
HT-QB-15-SD15 GallonStainless Steel$255.00

Attachment & Accessories

HT-QB-PCPouring Chute$131.00
HT-QB-TimerReplacement Timer$135.00

QuikBatch Mixer Features

Interchangeable Drum CapacityAdjustable to accept 5, 10, and 15 gallon drums
Easy Adjustable Legs w/ WheelsDifferent height applications
E-Z Dump DischargeEasy tip handle w/ three settings
E-Z Pour Directly into a WheelbarrowE-Z Material Off Loading
High Torque Gearbox65 rpm
Rugged DesignOverbuilt for continued operation
Electric 110 voltHigh torque industrial motors
Convenient Side Mounted TimerProtective covered 15 minute
Sealed Stainless Drive ShaftLow maintenance, long life
E-Z ManeuverabilitySteel front wheels with rear casters
Product Mixing VersatilityEpoxy mortars, (quartz, stone, sand) cementitious urethanes, EPDM urethanes, cement, and more!