Concrete Mixers

Mix, pump and spray most pre-blended cementitious construction materials with a single easy to use machine. Self-leveling underlayments and toppings, concrete repair mortars, grouts and fireproofing are all suited applications.

Performance Is Directly Related To Material Consistency, Hose Diameter & Pumping Distance

Carrousel Pump

  • The Carrousel Pump® is the application of the peristaltic or squeeze principle, similar to the human digestive system. The Carrousel PumpTM squeezes the material through its system, forcing material forward.
  • The Carrousel Pump® has specially designed Quik-Flo couplings. These special couplings lower pumping pressures and horsepower requirement.
  • The Carrousel Pump® can run dry indefinitely without damage, unlike the progressive cavity pumps or rotor/stator pumps.
  • Parabolic hoppers are designed for easy flow of materials, and have no corners to clog.
  • Specially designed 8-jet venturi spray nozzle for fiber filled coatings eliminates clogging and plugs.
  • Cleaning is extremely simple. A sponge ball is inserted into the hopper, and is pushed through by the pumping action with clean water or solvent.
  • Powerful constant torque electric, pneumatic or hydraulic motors are available. These powerheads allow for variable speed and application rates.

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