Low Viscosity Mixers



MWR-47442 & MWR-47444

MWR-47442 & MWR-47444

The Pro-Grade mixers are the choice of many contractors. These mixers have low shear for minimal air entrapment while mixing. The Pro-Grade mixers are constructed of quality powder-coated steel and are available in 2 sizes; a 1-2 gallon paddle with a 3-1/2” turbine style head on a 19-3/4” x 5/16” diameter hex shaft or a 2 -5 gallon paddle with a 4-3/4” turbine style head on a 23 -1/2” x 3/8” diameter hex shaft.

Jiffy Mixers are also available in two sizes; a 1-2 gallon and a 2-5 gallon. The mixers are made of 304 stainless steel and fit all 1/4” – 3/4” chucked power tools. The blade actions are characterized by a smooth, thorough, non-air sucking and non-splashing action.

MWR-474321-2 Gallon Small Jiffy Mixer$21.36ADD TO CART
MWR-474342-5 Gallon Large Jiffy Mixer$62.55ADD TO CART
MWR-474421-2 Gallon Small Pro-Grade Mixing Paddle$18.26ADD TO CART
MWR-474442-5 Gallon Large Pro-Grade Mixing Paddle$26.48ADD TO CART

High Viscosity Mixers



These mixers are used by those in the decorative concrete, stamping and terrazzo markets. The “football” shaped cage configurations are ideal for mixing more viscous “topping” and impregnated and cementitious materials. The larger 10” x 6” head is designed for barrel mixing. The smaller 6” x 4” head is ideal for 5 gallon quantities. Both mixers effectively remove air without splash-out. Both have an overall length of 26” with a hex shaft.

MWR-47422Small 5 Gallon Mixing Paddle$23.39ADD TO CART
MWR-47425Large 5 Gallon Mmixing Paddle$22.95ADD TO CART

High Viscosity Mixers

Complete Cart, Barrel, Cart, Head Attach. & Drill
82-911-B5Mixing & Pouring Barrel Transporter$259.00ADD TO CART
22-901-B5Complete Cart, Barrel, Cart, Head Attach. & Drill$984.00ADD TO CART
82-902-B5Transport/Pouring Cart$715.00ADD TO CART
82-904-B10Mixing Paddle$ 21.25ADD TO CART
82-905-B5Keystone Mixing Head Attachment$ 97.00ADD TO CART
82-906-B5Drill (Dewalt)$127.00ADD TO CART
22-816-B9Mixing Barrel 15 Gallon$ 75.00ADD TO CART