ElastoCrete  technology is a truly limitless concrete product, this incredible system allows for 3 times faster installation and more then 50% less grinding steps when compared with traditional systems. Not only does this amazing product give you the ability to create seamless uniform countertops and flooring, you are limited only by your imagination.

 ElastoCrete is available in a variety of mixes white marble; Shell mix & fiber mix to name a few. These various mixes coupled with the products ability for aggregate loading allow you to achieve any stone finish with unlimited color options – Marble, Quartz, Granite, Concrete, and Travertine, the sky is the limit!  No, there is no limit!

Features and Benefits

• Unlimited colour options
• Unlimited stone, GFRC, granite, marble, quartz, etc. patterns
• Weighs approximately 35% of equal size and thickness granite slab
• Anti-bacerial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, hypo-alergenic
• Large square footage without seams (only limited by pouring surface and size of opening
available for install)
• Repairs easily onto itself without being noticable
• Exclusive coating and sealing system – unmatched beauty and clarity
• High flexural strength reduces risk of cracking tremendously
• Compressive strength starting at 5,000 psi
• Can add aggregates, glass or other recycled material
• ElastoCrete™ Shield Sealer is lifetime re-coat-able and easily repairable
• Very stain resistant – better than granite
• Heat resistant to 200 degrees celcius (treat like granite and Corian)