SureSet have been manufacturing, supplying and installing permeable resin bound paving since 1997.

The high-quality paving was at first unique in the industry, but now, due to more awareness of flood prevention the market has rapidly expanded.  SureSet itself has also therefore expanded and now services across the globe.

SureSet are currently one of the market leaders in the resin bound paving industry and here are some reasons why:

·       We specialise exclusively in permeable resin bound paving

·       Our high-quality resin formulation is design and manufactured in-house allowing us to keep complete control of the system

·       More design flexibility than other traditional paving systems

·       We offer a 21-year guarantee when installed by a SureSet Installation Team or Global Partner

·       Practical but attractive finish

·       A wide range of colours and materials

·       We can colour clear recycled glass to any colour in the RAL chart using our specialised pigment technology.


SureSet’s permeable resin bound paving offers designers, contractors, architects and homeowners complete design flexibility enabling you to be as creative as you like with your project.

All our materials are naturally sourced or recycled and range in colour from subtle buffs and browns to vibrant colours from the RAL Chart and all those in between.

SureSet permeable resin bound paving is suitable for both residential and commercial projects and can be used (but not limited to) the following applications:

·       Driveways

·       Pathways

·       Swimming pool surrounds

·       Tree pits

·       Ramps

·       Steps

·       Car parks

·       Access road

·       Town centres

·       Schools

·       Logos/designs

Resin bound paving provides a smooth and durable surface whether used internally or externally with virtually no maintenance.

Our 21 year guarantee (when installed by a SureSet Installer or Global Partner) covers:

·       Loose stone*

·       Cracking*

·       Oil damage*

·       Softening*

·       Colour change*

·       Frost damage*

·       Workmanship*

*conditions apply

For large projects or more intricate areas, we would use our professional, skilled Global Partner.  However, for smaller areas we offer self-install DIY Kits and TradePacks which contain everything you need to complete a resin bound installation.

For further information on SureSet Permeable Paving visit or contact us at Hover Trowel.