Stonecarpet stones are 3 to 4 millimeter in size, mined from ancient river beds. They are screened for size, shape and quality (8 times!) and then washed and processed to meet our strict standards. Each stone is dyed with high-quality pigments in a computer-controlled process. They can even be dyed to match your exact specifications. Your floor’s colors are formulated and blended to yield a custom and unique appearance to every design. What results is a flooring that has many unique features to it:

• Advanced acoustics
• Comfortable “soft” walk
• Safe and slip resistant
• ADA compliant
• Long lasting
• Affordability
• Simple low maintenance
• No puddling from spills, melted snow, etc
• Highly resistant to chemicals and stains

Stonecarpet® is a unique, commercial decorative interior flooring system, which offers a beautiful, yet practical solution for a wide variety of facilities. With unmatched design flexibility, Stonecarpet can accommodate the most complex logos and graphics, producing striking results in a variety of settings:

• Auto and powersports showrooms
• Retail stores
• Hotels and casinos
• Churches
• Offices
• Municipal buildings
• Museums and libraries
• Other public areas

One of the best features of installation is how quickly the floor can be prepared and Stonecarpet laid down. In most cases, the quickness of installation can be performed over a weekend or just a few days, reducing the amount of time that your facility might be out of commission. Rocks are delivered on-site, mixed to the correct color formula and combined with our patented resin. The resulting mix of rock and resin is poured onto the floor, leveled and set. Within 24 hours, you can walk on the floor and complete curing happens within seven days.

An advantage of Stonecarpet’s “open system” is that it collects and distributes dirt evenly. Over time, you probably won’t even notice that your floor is dirty — until it is professionally cleaned, that is.
We recommend that you dry vacuum the floor on a regular basis, and then have your Stonecarpet floor cleaned by a certified and qualified floor cleaning service professional once every twelve months. After cleaning, the floor is immediately accessible to foot traffic, due to its incredibly high slip resistance. With regularly-scheduled, professional cleanings, your Stonecarpet floor is designed to last almost indefinitely. And you’ll be amazed how “new” a clean floor will look.

Know what the amazing part of Stonecarpet stones is? They’re literally some of the oldest stone on Earth. In fact, they were formed billions of years ago, near the very creation of our planet. They’ve waited millennia to be mined from what is now the state of northern Ohio. From there, they are sent to our factory for processing where they are cut to size, tumbled so that their edges are smooth and dyed any of literally millions of possible colors (although we do have a set of “standard” colors we typically have readily on-hand).

Stonecarpet floors is a naturally seamless and slip-resistant flooring product composed of thousands quartz stones that can be dyed in an endless array of colors. Its appearance is seamless – literally like a carpet of stone – without grout lines (and all of the problems they bring). Unlike any other type of flooring, this unique architectural surface hides dirt and debris while retaining its attractiveness for years and years. It’s the natural choice for high-traffic area floors.

Decorative Glass Aggregates

Specialty Glass products are made from recycled bottles, plate glass, and stained glass. This is done with custom made equipment that they have spent the past several years developing. Glass recycling process produces cleaned and dried glass chips that are mostly rounded or cubic in shape. Chips are sorted into the five standard terrazzo sizes, plus fines for background color and texture. Also offers a fine white sand, made from plate glass, that is excellent as a substitute for silica sand.

Stained glass chips are made from glass that is 1/8″ thick, therefore sizes larger than #1 tend to be somewhat flat.

Plate glass is somewhat flat in sizes larger than #1. Thick plate glass is more expensive, but is generally rounded in sizes up to #3 or #4.

Most colors are in stock and available for immediate shipping. Some non-stock colors may require a large minimum order and up to 30 days lead-time.

Expect a very small amount of color contamination in stained glass. In plate glass expect some color contamination from tinted plate glass, usually gray. In pre-consumer bottle glass their is almost no contamination, because the bottles are new bottles with no labels or caps. Post consumer bottles have considerable color and label contamination.

9. White10. Grey11. Black12. Chakmpagne13. Yellow
14. Orange15. Red16. Light Purple17. Dark Purple18. Light Blue
19. Dark Blue20. Turquiose21. Light Green22. Dark Green
Glass Beads
7. Round Beads
Plate Glass
4. Clear5. Grey6. -20 Mesh Standard
Bottle Glass
1. Amber2. Green3. Blue
Smelter Glass
8. Black

Decorative Quartz Aggregates

The Mineral: Pure silica sand is the basic mineral in Perma Color Surface Aggregates. Silica is an extremely hard abrasion-resistent, chemically inert mineral. Flooring surfaces produced using pure, high-density silica consistently show greater resistance to wear than surfaces filled with minerals of lesser integrity.

Colors, Sizes and Blends: Fifteen colors are available in three different textures. In addition to these standard colors, Estes’ offers custom colors and blends, computer matched to customer specifications. Estes’ also has two additional sizes in Perma Color Surface Aggregates called Super Trowel Rite and Ultra Trowel Rite.

Application: Perma Color Surface Aggregates are ideally suited to any established method of application; troweling, broadcast or pourable self-leveling formulations. Traditionally rounded grain sands were thought to be best suited for broadcast application, experienced applicators find no difficulty troweling this type of aggregate. Similarly, Trowel Rite is not limited to only the trowel method of application.

Density and Coverage: The density of Perma Color Surface Aggregates averages about 90 lbs. per cubic foot. Of course, coverage varies depending upon the thickness of the anticipated surface.

Dek Rok Surface Aggregates opens new horizons to architects and interior designers. Experienced artisan-installers around the country can easily translate your designs into reality, incorporating logos, bold graphics, intricate borders and delicate color gradations.

Dek Rok consists of tough quartz stones married to high-performance resins to yield a seamless, slip-resistant surface of unmatched durability, which is impervious to gas, oil and solvents. Although it is real stone, you will be surprised at the soft walk and enhanced sound-absorbing properties of a Dek Rok floor.

Dek Rok will wear like the stone it is made from. No grout to maintain, nothing to fray, warp, chip or split. Applied to any stable subfloor, Dek Rok should retain an attractive appearance for decades to come. Dek Rok is available in 15 standard colors and can be blended on site.

1. Red2. Teak3. Camel4. Buff5. Tan
6. Yellow7. Osha Yellow8. Green9. Blue10. Teal
11. Blue Gray12. Light Beige13. White14. Chocolate15. Black

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